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Patient Eligibility

Patient Eligibility Criteria

Patients must be residents of Bay County, an adult 18 years of age or older, have no access to health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or Medically Needy Programs, and have a gross monthly income of, or less than, 200% of the Federal poverty guidelines.  Prospective patients are screened by state certified screeners to ensure the above requirements are met.



The Need

The death rate in Bay County is significantly higher then the state's average.  For example, Bay County's death rate from heart disease, chronic lung disease and diabetes are 10%, 60%, and 51% higher, respectively. While there are many factors that influence this unhealthy situation, the lack of access to primary, preventative medical care is a major contributor.  Bay County citizens need an alternative other than a hospital Emergency Room for primary or follow-up care and for prescription medications.





Contact Information


St Andrew Community Medical Center

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Address: 3101-B West Hwy 98

Phone: 850-785-1419


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